On Saturday 24th June 2023 we were alerted via social media that some Nala’s Baby lines were being sold in the retailer Home Bargains. It transpired that the products being sold were from a small number of batches made that had not passed our stringent testing policy, or meet industry standard specification. These products were sent for professional destruction but have found their way into Home Bargains stores despite us being issued a certificate of destruction. For clarity the defect in these products relates to the product formulation and not the product packaging.


Since this issue came to light on Saturday 24th June, we worked with immediacy and sent samples of the Home Bargains products for analysis to identify if the products pose any risk. Currently we are not aware of any serious risk associated with the products but we must assume until our testing proves otherwise that there is the potential for the products to cause an adverse reaction if used. We expect results and their assessment on 27th June.


As a precaution, therefore, the products should not be used. Any product applied to the skin should be washed off. If you have any concerns at all or notice an adverse reaction please seek medical advice and let us know. You can contact us by email at info@nalasbaby.com or DM us on Instagram where one of the team will get in contact with you. 


For those that haven’t used the products, please dispose of the bottles and email us at info@nalasbaby.com where we will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you on us.  


We are working closely with Home Bargains who are now putting steps in place to treat the situation with the seriousness it deserves. They have started full product recall procedures and are taking the lead in reporting the issue to Trading Standards. 


We can confirm that we have been the victim of fraud and although we would like to go into more details with you we can’t as this issue is now the subject of legal proceedings and is in the hands of our lawyers; we hope you understand.


Team @ Nala's Baby